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New report on the defamation against me



I was asked again about the defamation that appears sporadically against me on the internet. I took down my last post because I thought by both OREN ZIV and his attorney being sued for defaming me, it would stop. Well, I was being rational and that was a mistake.

I would note that I rid my condominium complex in New York of some bad actors and now I have the joy of having to eliminate the internet of defamation – mostly written in broken English – on a weekly basis. Whatever is written about me is untrue. Sadly, the internet gives anyone the ability to attack who they want anonymously. My next focus in life will be to deal with the protections 230 gives to website operators; I will put that on my 2022 bucket list.

What you will note is that if you type my name on yahoo or google, you will see blog posts explaining what I have done and why I am being harassed. Those are written by people who have access to all the facts and are true. Some of them are written by me, but most are not as I have a few law firms to manage and cannot spend my life on this project. I would ask that all of you click on each of these sites (below) so that they will get a higher google rank. My sense is once these sites follow my name on google, the defamation will either stop or be useless as it will be too far down the search. Also, more articles will be written in the weeks to come.










While I have people who check the internet daily to find this defamation, I would appreciate if any of the 200 people a day who read this blog could email me any article that you find that is about me which is defamatory. My email is: [email protected]

Right now, the topics are some sexual scandals that are comical because they cannot be true as I spend my life working. The other issue is alleged PPP fraud. This is a terrible charge because PPP allowed me to avoid laying off my staff and allowed me to able to keep my business afloat. Trump and Biden have allowed people who normally would have been terminated to have jobs and Oren Ziv should personally apologize to the 15 people who kept their jobs through COVID.

Like many, I have suffered and made great sacrifices over the last year because of COVID. The posters failed to comment on the EIDL money I was awarded that also helped my business stay afloat.

The person who is posting this or who is behind it is OREN ZIV.

His phone number is:  631-831-1858.

His address is: 170 Sugar Toms Lane, East Norwich, NY 11732

His email address is: [email protected]

Please contact him and ask him why he hides behind cyber-bullying. He served in the Israeli army and should have more bravado than resorting to broken English internet defamation. Also ask him why his wife YARDENA aka JORDANA deleted her defamatory comment about my law firm on google? If what she is saying is true, then why was it removed after I called her out on it?

All of you should read the within defamation complaint. It will need to be amended as there is new information that will be included as the defamation continues: Tenenbaum v. Ziv. Nassau Index #: 603849/201 (link below)


And to those of you who read this, yes, I lived through all of this.

Lastly, I want to THANK everyone who has messaged me, emailed me, texted me, called me and gave me their support as I deal with this never ending cyberattack. As those who know me are aware, I will never give up and will never fold until the Appellate Division tells me it is all over.