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Collect up to $1,000 for each account in debt collection, if you are harassed by a debt collection agency. Free legal service to you because the debt collectors pay the legal fees under the law.


Get up to $1500 in statutory damages for each intentional violation, when you receive texts or calls from auto-dialers that were made without consent.

Public Accomodations

Barriers to public accomodations for disabled in public at stores, hotels, restaurants, or offices, as an example.

Consumer Warranty

Manufacturers and Dealerships selling defective vehicles, known as lemons, and in other words breach of warranty and contracts.

Debt Collectors Calling or Sending You Threatening Letters?

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Consumer Rights Protection

Put a STOP to Debt Collection Harassment, Inaccurate Credit Reporting, Defective Products, False Advertising, and Other Consumer Fraud.

We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional legal representation, achieving justice on their behalf to the full extent of the law and maximum legal compensation they are entitled to under it.

Fair Debt Collection Protection

Credit Report Protection

Defective Consumer Products, False/Deceptive Advertising & Labeling

Consumer Fraud & Other Deceptive Practices

Telemarketing, Solicitation & Robocalls

WeSueThem in federal, state, and local courts, protecting our clients against debt collectors, debt purchasers and collection attorneys, who frequently try to collect debt that isn’t owed, enforce judgments secured improperly, and engage in deceptive collection practices.