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Statute of Limitations – three versus six?

Contact Chiropractic, P.C., as Assignee of Girtha Butler v N. Y. City Tr. Auth., 2017 NY Slip Op 88572 (2017)

Apparently, an entity that has NO stake in this battle, American Transit Ins. Co., felt the need to file an Amicus on this issue.  Should make for some light an highly relevant reading.

Assuming the Court reverses and finds that lawsuits against governmental entities is guided by a three year statute of limitation, ATIC will clearly benefit from a favorable ruling.  Logical right?  Oh Brooklyn Bridge, for how much do I sell thee?

“Motion by American Transit Insurance Company for leave to appear amicus curiae on the appeal herein granted only to the extent that the proposed brief is accepted as filed. Three copies of the brief must be served and an original and nine copies filed within seven days.”