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DME Companies have fallen and here are the docs

I have here a repository of some of the documents that I either ordered or found on Pacer regarding the following individuals:

1) Defendant Mugerman (Unlimited and Infinity)

2) Defendants Shapiro & Bronshteyn (Bath Medical, Alev Medical) and plea agreement (Shapiro) and plea agreement (Bronshteyn).

3) Defendant Shturman (TriMed Supply, Dorsey Medical Supply) and plea agreement.

4) Defendant Zalgadko (MSSA, Vespa, Amega) and plea agreement.

5) Defendant Borunov (Atlantic Medical, I&Y Medical, Benz Medical, East Coast Medical, Larisa Supplies, Exclusive Medical, Med-Aid Supplyu, Mike Supply, Three Onyx Supply, Avgur Supply, Inc, DB Medical Supply, Inc.) and plea agreement

6) Defendant Afanasyev (MSSA, Vespa, Amega) and plea agreement.

When the sentencing minutes find their way onto the ECF/Pacer system, I will post those on here.

Use these documents accordingly.