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General non-cooperation denial held to be timely despite it being issued quite untimely

Country-Wide Ins. Co. v Preferred Trucking Servs. Corp., 2014 NY Slip Op 01099 (2014) “The present appeal, on the other hand, involves disclaimer for noncooperation by an insured. A determination as to whether such a disclaimer was made within a reasonable time is more complex because “an insured’s noncooperative attitude is often not readily apparent” (Continental […]

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Appellate Division, Fourth Department opines on the issue of non-cooperation

Progressive Ins. Co. v Strough 2008 NY Slip Op 07463 (4th Dept. 2008) We further conclude that the court properly denied that part of plaintiff’s cross motion for [*2]summary judgment declaring that plaintiff has no duty to indemnify defendant for claims arising from the motor vehicle accident in question, including claims for no-fault benefits. Plaintiff […]

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